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After Adding a New Ample Organics User in the User Management tab in the Settings module, click Send Email to send a welcome email and temporary password to the user.

Ample Organics provides a default email template, as seen below. Contact to customize this template.

Hello {First Name}!

You are now able to access the Ample Organics WebApp @:

Please use the Google Chrome Web Browser when using Ample Organics. You will only be able to access Ample Organics within the secure facility network.

Your user account information is:



You can reset your password in the Settings Menu.

Your username and password can be used to log in to the scanner guns once you have a user label to scan. Print your label in the Settings Menu of the WebApp. Click My Profile, then click Print User Label. Your new user label will automatically print from the primary inventory printer.

In the event that you require technical support, please contact the Ample Organics support team at: 1-866-691-8407x1 or by emailing us at

Thank you!

The Ample Organics team

When creating a new Ample Organics user, an administrator must assign at least one security role to the user. Ample Organics provides several Default Security Roles, but administrators can Create Custom Security Roles to suit the needs of their facility.

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