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The Physician Profile stores and displays information about a physician. The profile organizes essential information into two distinct sections: Personal Information, which stores the physician's personal details, and Business Information, which stores information about the prescribing physician's clinic. A Customer Service Representative–or CSR–can Update the Physician's Information at any time.


When Adding a New Physician, a CSR must verify that the physician is legally allowed to prescribe cannabis in Canada. Follow the link in the Verification section to the Provincial College of Physicians website, and ensure the physician is listed there.


Click Archive to Archive the Physician. Once the physician is archived, CSRs can no longer select the physician when adding new prescriptions. However, a CSR can click Restore Archived to restore the physician.

Click Disable to Disable the Physician. A CSR should disable the physician if, for any reason, they are no longer legally allowed to prescribe cannabis. If a physician is disabled, all prescriptions associated with the physician will also be disabled, and CSRs will be unable to select the physician when adding a new prescription. A CSR cannot restore a disabled physician to Active status.

For information on the other Medical Settings module tabs, visit the articles on Symptoms and Ailments.

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