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How to Add a New Physician
How to Add a New Physician
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Rather than entering physician information for every prescription, Customer Service Representatives–or CSRs–can save information on prescribing physicians in the Medical Settings module for quick reference. Follow the process below to add a physician.

Required permission(s): physician_read, physician_create

  1. In the Medical Settings module, open the Physicians tab. It should open by default.

  2. Click New to open a blank Physician Profile.

  3. Fill out the required fields in the Personal Information and Business Information sections.

    • Required fields are marked with an asterisk*.


  4. Click Validate Address to ensure that the physician's business address exists.

  5. Verify the physician.

    1. Follow the provided link to the Provincial College of Physicians website, and make sure the physician is listed there.

    2. Enter the date and time of the verification in the field provided.

    3. Click the checkbox indicating that the physician is legally allowed to prescribe dried cannabis.

  6. Click Save to add the physician to the list on the Physicians tab.

The Medical Settings module also allows CSRs to Update, Archive, or Disable a physician.

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