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Troubleshooting: Can't Complete Order
Troubleshooting: Can't Complete Order
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Ample Organics takes strong measures to ensure all client transactions comply with Health Canada's cannabis regulations. This includes several checkpoints that determine whether or not a client can order cannabis products, which products the client is allowed to purchase, and how much the client can order. If issues arise when placing an order, ensure the client and order meet the following criteria:

  1. Does the client have a valid prescription and an active registration?

  2. Is the client in the appropriate sales channels?

  3. Does the order exceed the client's prescription allowance?

    • The Seed-to-Sale software will not allow a client to purchase cannabis if the client has exhausted their prescription allowance for the month.

  4. Has a shipping method been selected?

    • From the Order's Profile, open the menu icon and follow the prompts to select a shipping method.

  5. Has an "Order placed by" been selected?

    • Ensure a name has been selected in the Order placed by drop-down menu.

  6. Has the "Client agreed to return and exchange policy" box been checked?

For more detailed information on the steps above, see How to Create a New Order.

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