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How to Create an Employee or Senior Discount
How to Create an Employee or Senior Discount
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Some licence holders offer global discounts for specific types of clients–employees, seniors, veterans, etc. To create a group-specific discount, a licence holder should use a combination of sales channels and discounts to ensure that only eligible clients have access to the discount, and that any eligible client will receive a discount on every product they order.

Required permission(s): sales_channel_read, sales_channel_create, sales_channel_update, discount_code_create

Note: This article uses an employee discount as an example, but the same process applies when setting up a discount for seniors, veterans, or another group.

  1. Visit the Sales Channels tab in the Settings module, and Create a New Sales Channel for employees.

  2. Open the new Sales Channel's Profile, and Add All Employees to the Sales Channel in the Clients section.

  3. Visit the Discounts module, and Create a Restricted Discount that only applies to clients in the Employees sales channel.

    1. In step 2, leave the Expiry field blank. This ensures the discount will never expire.

    2. In step 4, add the Employee sales channel to the discount. This ensures that any client in the Employee sales channel will receive the discount.

    3. Click Save to save the new discount.


With the employee discount enabled, whenever an employee places an order through the Client Portal, they'll receive a notification at checkout reminding them to activate their employee discount.

A Customer Service Representative–or CSR–can also apply discounts when creating an order on behalf of a client through the Orders module. Visit the Orders module to Apply a Discount to an Order or Apply a Line Item Discount.

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