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How to Amend a Registration
How to Amend a Registration
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Once a client Submits a Registration Amendment through the Client Portal, their registration information updates on the Client's Profile, and the registration will be set to the Amendment Verification status. A Customer Service Representative–or CSR–must review the changes and Change the Registration's Status to Approved so that the client can continue placing orders.

However, rather than submitting a registration amendment form, the client may call in to report changes to their personal or contact information over the phone. If this happens, the CSR can amend the client's registration on their behalf.

Required permission(s): client_read, client_update

  1. In the Clients module, select a client. This opens the Client's Profile.

  2. Open the Registrations tab.

  3. Select and open the client's active registration.

  4. Click Amend. This opens the New Amendment modal.

  5. Click Create Amendment to begin the amendment workflow.

  6. Click the


    icon to unlock editing abilities.

  7. Make all necessary changes to the client's registration information.

  8. Verify the changes and click Save. The registration will be set to the Amendment Verification status.

  9. Click the


    icon to again unlock editing abilities, and change the registration's status to Approved.

  10. Click Save to finalize the registration amendment.


Once the registration has been amended, the CSR should Generate and Download a Registration Amendment Confirmation Document and Send a Confirmation Email to the client.

A CSR can also manually Renew a Client's Registration.

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