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How to Request a Registration Amendment
How to Request a Registration Amendment
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If a client's personal information changes, a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–should send a request to the client to amend their registration through the Client Portal.

Required permission(s): client_read, client_update

  1. In the Clients module, select a client.

  2. Open the Registrations tab.

  3. Click on the active registration–highlighted in green–to view more registration details.

  4. Click Amend to open the New Amendment modal.

    • Note: The Amend button will not appear if the registration is in the Lead, Pending Amendment, or Pending Registration status. If status is Pending Amendment, then the request has already been prompted. If the status is Pending Registration or Lead, then the system is waiting for a customer action and the registration can be edited.

  5. Select Request Amendment. This opens the Request Registration Amendment modal.

  6. Mark the fields to be amended by checking boxes in the Personal Information, Primary Address, and Mailing Address headings.

  7. Add a short message describing the purpose of the amendment request in the field provided.

  8. Click Request Amendment. This will send an email to the customer with instructions on how to submit their registration amendment.


Once the client has Submitted their Registration Amendment through the Client Portal, the information will be automatically updated in the Client's Profile. A CSR should verify the information and then Change the Client's Registration Status to Approved.

Once the amendment is complete, a CSR can Generate and Download a Registration Amendment Confirmation Document and Send a Confirmation Email to the client.

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