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How to Extend a Client's Prescription (Premium)
How to Extend a Client's Prescription (Premium)
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Ample Organics has added a temporary COVID-19 Prescription Extension tab to the Clients module. This allows licence holders who pay for the premium prescription extension to quickly update prescriptions for clients added after the one-time prescription extension job has run. This saves Customer Service Representatives–or CSRs–the trouble of checking each prescription manually.

Please note that this process is specific to the paid premium prescription extension feature. Licence holders who do not opt into this offer must Extend Prescriptions Manually.

  1. In the Clients module, open the COVID-19 Prescription Extension tab.

    • Note: This tab will only appear for licence holders who have paid for the premium prescription extension feature.


  2. Select a client, and click Extend Prescription. This summons a modal that outlines the conditions of the extension.

  3. Click Extend Prescription once again. This extends the client's prescription to the date listed on the modal, and triggers an email notification to inform the client of the change. It also attaches a note to the client's Overview tab to inform CSRs that the client's prescription has been extended.


A licence holder can keep track of clients with extended prescriptions through a new report in the Client Reports tab.

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