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Release Guide: 20180911 Returned Grams
Release Guide: 20180911 Returned Grams
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Note: The returned grams feature is part of a larger, multi-feature release. See Release Guide: 20180911 Multi-Feature Release for more details.

In an upcoming deployment, Ample Organics will add the ability for users to return grams to a client's prescription. Each client has a finite number of grams of cannabis they can order for each prescription period, but if something goes wrong with the client's order–if a package is lost or stolen, if the patient returns a product, or if an order is refused or canceled–the grams should be returned to the client's prescription so that they can place new orders.

The user will access this function in the new Returned Grams tab in the Orderprofile. The Returned Grams tab will only appear for orders that are Shipped, Delivered, Refused, Refunded, or Cancelled.

When grams are returned to a prescription, a record of the return credit will be displayed in the Prescription section on the Overview tab of the Client'sprofile. Any orders placed going forward will utilize the returned gram credits before the rest of the prescription coverage.

Please note that returned gram credits will only be available as long as the client's current prescription is valid. If the client does not use their returned gram credits before their prescription expires, the credit does not carry over to the next prescription.

Returning Grams

To return grams to a client's prescription, the user will open the Returned Grams tab in the Order profile and click New. This will open a Return Grams modal.

The Return Grams modal displays the total grams used for the order, as well as the total number of grams available to return. These figures may not match if the user has already returned some of the grams from the order.

The user can enter the number of grams to return to a prescription and the reason for the return in the fields provided. The user cannot return more grams than were used in the order, nor can they return a negative amount.

Removing Returned Gram Credits

If an error occurs, the user can remove the returned gram credits from the client's prescription. To do this, the user will open the Returned Grams tab in the Order profile once again, and click on a returned gram record. This will open the Return Grams modal.

The number of grams returned to the prescription cannot be edited, but the user can delete the record altogether by clicking the Delete button. The Delete button will not appear if the client has already used up their returned gram credits.

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