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Release Guide: 20180911 Multi-Feature Release
Release Guide: 20180911 Multi-Feature Release
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Returned Grams

Clients who return part of an order can have the grams returned to their prescription.

Prescription Periods

Added a new tab on the client's page. Prescription Periods allow for custom start and end dates for client gram allowance. This determines when the grams allowed will refresh. Prescription periods are calculated based on the first order's estimated delivery date, and each 30 days thereafter, until the prescription expiry date.

Premium Shipping

Clients can now select the same-day shipping method if the LP has enabled it. When enabled, premium shipping adds up to two tabs to the shipping model: Same-Day Shipping and Saturday Shipping. These tabs will appear in both the Web App and Client Portal.


In addition to English, Ample Organics is now available in Canadian French, German, and Latin American Spanish.

How to Change the Interface Locale

  1. In the Settings module, open the My Account tab.

  2. Open the Interface Locale drop-down menu.

  3. Select a language. The application will immediately update to the selected language. This change will persist even if the user logs out and back in again, so the user does not need to change the Interface Locale every time they log in.

Products and SKUs Update

Fields specific to inventory management have been gathered under the Overview tab in the Products module. SKU Setup now includes fields such as SKU name, description, and Qty. of Base.

Fields have also been added to support barcode generation (e.g. GS1). All SKU fields that appear in the medical client portal are now also under their tab, Client Sales Setup.

Cases have been added as a new unit of measure and are directly associated with base SKUs. These are tracked in their tab as well.

Mass Packaging Runs Update

Cases can be filled directly from a bulk lot through mass packaging runs in the Bulk Lot page of the Productions module, creating an inventory of both the cases and bottles within.

To complete a Mass Packaging Run:

  1. Fill out the all fields including the Packaging Date.

  2. Click Create Packaging Run.

  3. Review the summary information on the modal that appears.

  4. Click Perform.

At the end of these runs, both case (GS1-128) and bottle (GS1, UPC, inventory QR) tags can be printed. When creating cases through these runs, bottles will not be serialized.

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