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Onboarding with AmpleLearn
Onboarding with AmpleLearn
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AmpleLearn is a dynamic eLearning platform designed to teach new employees about the Seed-to-Sale software and how the software integrates with their daily work. In total, AmpleLearn offers over 10 hours of eLearning course content sorted between six focused Teal Certification learning paths. A licence holder with an AmpleLearn subscription should assign a Teal Certification learning path to each new employee to complete within the first few weeks of their employment. Ideally, this should take place before the employee has access to the licence holder's production environment.

Upon hiring a new employee, follow the steps below to ensure the employee gets the most out of their training through AmpleLearn:

  1. Send an email to with the new employee's name, email address, and the appropriate Teal Certification learning path for their role.

  2. Grant the new employee access to a preview environment. Instruct the employee to follow along with the AmpleLearn content to get hands-on experience in the Seed-to-Sale software.

    • Ensure the employee has the appropriate Security Role for their job.

  3. Request an AmpleLearn status report to track the new employee's progress. Each licence holder will receive a status report at the end of each month, but the AmpleLearn team can generate these reports by request at any time.

  4. Once the employee completes their Teal Certification learning path, instruct them to print off and submit their certification to Human Resources. This ensures the licence holder has a record of all employees who have completed training through AmpleLearn.

    • The employee should print a second copy for their own use. A Teal Certification is a great addition to a resume or LinkedIn profile.


With an AmpleLearn Subscription, a licence holder can access AmpleLearn content and enroll new users at any time. To sign up for AmpleLearn, a licence holder should contact their account manager or email

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