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How to Add a Credit Card to the Client Portal
How to Add a Credit Card to the Client Portal
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In the Client Portal, a client can save their credit card information to their profile for easy reference when placing orders. Any credit card information entered on the Client Portal will also be saved to the Credit Cards tab in the Client's Profile in the Seed-to-Sale software.

  1. Log into the Client Portal. The My Profile tab will be open by default.

  2. In the Credit Cards section, click Add a Card. This opens a new credit card page.

  3. Enter information about the new credit card in the fields provided.

    • Card Information


      • Credit Card Number: The client's 16-digit credit card number.

      • Security Code: The credit card's three-digit security code. This is usually found on the back of the credit card.

      • Expiration Date: The month and year at which the credit card expires, in MM/YYYY format.

      • First Name: The client's first name as it appears on the credit card.

      • Last Name: The client's last name as it appears on the credit card.

    • Billing Information

      • Street #: The client's street address.

      • Street Name: The client's street name.

      • Postal Code: The client's postal code.

  4. Click Save to save the credit card details.


After saving a credit card, a client is free to Place a New Order.

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