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How to Reprint a Bottle Label – Gun App
How to Reprint a Bottle Label – Gun App
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If a bottle loses its label, or if the label becomes illegible, a Fulfillment Associate should immediately print a new label for the bottle. Labeling a bottle serves two distinct purposes: First, the label identifies the bottle with a unique ID number. Secondly, and most importantly, each label includes a unique barcode that Fulfillment Associates can scan to interact with the bottle in the Gun App.

An associate can also reprint a bottle label through the Settings module.

  1. Scan an existing bottle label, or tap a bottle link, to open the bottle's Overview tab.

  2. Click the

    icon to open a menu of options.

  3. Select Print Barcode to reprint the bottle's label. Affix the label to the bottle immediately.

From the bottle's Overview tab on the Gun App, a Fulfillment Associate can also Print a Product Label.

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