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How to Connect the Gun to a Wireless Network
How to Connect the Gun to a Wireless Network
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Before you can access seed-to-sale functions through the Gun App, each gun must be connected to the license holder's wireless network. This allows the scanner gun to connect with the Seed-to-Sale software's database to access and update data in real-time.

  1. Use the stylus to tap on the circular menu icon. This opens a menu of options.

  2. Select Find WLANs.

  3. Locate the desired wireless network, and select Create Profile. This opens the Wireless LAN Profile Entry modal.

  4. Enter a name for the new profile in the field provided, and click Next.

  5. In the Operating Mode drop-down menu, Infrastructure will already be selected. Click Next again.

  6. Open the Security Mode drop-down menu, and select WPA2-Personal. In the Authentication Type drop-down menu, select None. Click Next to proceed.

  7. Under Fast Roaming Options, leave the Allow Symbol HFSR box checked. Click Next.

  8. Under Encryption Type, select AES. Under Enter Preshared Sky (PSK), select Pass-phrase.

    • Optional: Check or uncheck masked characters for added security.

  9. Tap the stylus icon and select XAMLIM to bring up the keyboard. Enter the password for the selected wireless network.

  10. Under IPv4 Address Type, leave all boxes checked and click Next.

  11. Under Battery Usage Mode, select Fast Power Save, and click Next.

  12. Under Performance Settings, select Optimize for Data.

  13. Click Save. If the gun has successfully connected to the wireless network, the red stripe on the circular icon will change to green.

After connecting to a wireless network, open the Seed-to-Sale software and Log Into the Gun App.

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