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How to Print a Batch Tag – Gun App
How to Print a Batch Tag – Gun App
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After creating a new batch of cannabis plants, a Grow Technician should immediately print batch tags for the batch. Labelling a batch with a tag serves two distinct purposes: First, tags identify the batch by its unique name and ID number. Secondly, and most importantly, each tag includes a unique barcode that Grow Technicians can scan to interact with the batch through the Gun App.

Batch labelling practices differ among cannabis cultivators. Cultivators who don't Label Plants with individual plant ID tags may label each plant in the batch with a batch tag. However, cultivators who do label plants with plant ID tags may print a single batch tag to affix to a shelf or table, to indicate that all plants in the location belong to the same batch.

A Grow Technician can also print a batch tag through the Grow Module.

Required permission(s): batch_read

  1. Scan an existing batch tag, or tap a batch link, to open the batch's Overview tab.

  2. Click the

    icon to open a menu of options.

  3. Select Print Batch Tag. This opens a confirmation modal.

  4. Click Print to print a batch tag. Label the batch immediately.

From the Gun App, a Grow Technician can also print labels for Individual Plants, Multiple Plants, and Seed Lots.

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