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How to Create an Accessory
How to Create an Accessory
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In addition to cannabis products like dried flower, CBD oil, or oil capsules, a licence holder may sell cannabis accessories like rolling papers, grinders, and vaporizers. Configuring product and SKU information for an accessory is similar to configuring information for a cannabis product, but you must select the appropriate options along the way to ensure that the Seed-to-Sale software recognizes the new product as an accessory. Follow the steps below to create a new accessory.

    • In step 3, select Accessory for Product Type.

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    • Unlike cannabis products, an accessory's SKU Setup section will not have Contents or Physical Specifications fields. Similarly, the SKU Profile will not have Cases, Combo SKUs, or Inventory tabs, as those tabs are specific to cannabis products.

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    • In step 5, set Allow Back Orders to Yes. Since inventory for accessories isn't determined through Packaging Runs, allowing back orders sets up the SKU to have unlimited available inventory at all times. This is ideal for accessories, which are often made to order.

You must take similar steps when setting up products and SKUs for starting materials–plants and seeds. For more information, visit the Starting Materials Process Guide.

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