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How to Archive a SKU
How to Archive a SKU
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If a SKU is discontinued or is no longer in use, Product Managers should archive the SKU. This prevents Packaging Associates from packaging further units. As a best practice, Product Managers should only archive SKUs that have no available inventory.

Required permission(s): product_read, product_update

  1. In the Products module, select a product.

    [img product-overview]

  2. Select a SKU to open the SKU's Profile.

    [img sku-overview]

  3. Click the


    icon to open a menu of options.

  4. Select Archive to archive the SKU. This removes the SKU from SKU drop-downs throughout the Seed-to-Sale software and prevents Packaging Associates from packaging units of the SKU.


When archiving a SKU, you should also Stop Selling the SKU to ensure the SKU does not show up as an option on the Shop page in the Client Portal.

Repeat this process to Unarchive the SKU.

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