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Scheduled Maintenance & Emergency Changes
Scheduled Maintenance & Emergency Changes
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Occasionally, Ample Organics' software engineers need to conduct maintenance and/or push new feature developments to your Seed-to-Sale environment to improve stability, performance, and security. We’ve outlined the type of work that we conduct, and the impact of that work, below to keep you informed.

Types of Work

The type of work that we conduct currently falls into one of two categories:

Scheduled Maintenance

As of January 2020, Ample Organics is introducing routine Scheduled Maintenance windows.

When Scheduled Maintenance is underway, developments to the platform are being implemented that may impact or change stable production environments. During Scheduled Maintenance windows the Seed-to-Sale platform will be inaccessible, and therefore, we’ve taken great care to select dates and times for Scheduled Maintenance to occur outside the peak hours of your business operations.

Our new Scheduled Maintenance windows are as follows:


Hours of Maintenance

Total Hours of Maintenance

Every Thursday

2:00 AM EST to 6:00 AM EST

4 Hours

Every Sunday

2:00 AM EST to 6:00 AM EST

4 Hours

A change freeze takes place on the last week of each month, during which no updates will occur.

We’ll be updating our Knowledge Base, Customer Support ticketing system, and our Customer Support telephone line with messaging to remind you of these dates and times.

Emergency Changes

An Emergency Change is an urgent change that must happen quickly to respond to a problem that may affect the health of the platform or the integrity of customer data. Emergency Changes should be rare and by their nature are difficult to categorize. An example may be a patch to address a critical security vulnerability.

When an Emergency Change is required that could impact your preview or production environments, we will take into account the possible impact, the time of day, and the risks associated with delays when we select a time to complete this work. If possible, we will provide advanced warnings, and all other updates will be provided within the Customer Support tickets.

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