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Grow Rooms–Harvests
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Once a batch enters the Flowering stage, an Open Harvest button appears in place of the Advance Stage button, which allows a Grow Technician to Open the Batch for Harvest. After opening the harvest, the Grow Technician can execute the harvest, transferring the usable fresh bulk cannabis to a Bulk Lot and destroying the unusable plant waste.

From the batch's Overview tab, click Harvest Open to open the Harvest page. If the harvest is in progress or complete, a Grow Technician can see:

  • The total plant weight harvested

  • The total weight of fresh bulk cannabis output to the destination Bulk Lot

  • The total weight of destroyed plant waste

  • The total number of plants harvested

Harvest Modes

The Seed-to-Sale software supports four different harvest modes. Each of these modes has the same result, but a license holder should choose the method that most closely aligns with their Standard Operating Procedures–SOPs-and harvest processes.

  • Weigh Individual Plants: The Grow Technician logs the pre-trimming weight of each plant as it's harvested.

  • Weigh Plants in Aggregate: The Grow Technician scans all plants to be harvested and then logs an aggregate pre-trimming weight.

  • Weigh No Plants: The Grow Technician scans each plant but only logs the output weight. This mode skips logging pre-trimming weight.

  • Batch Subset (No Scanning): The Grow Technician selects a subset of plants for harvest using the Harvest Subset option in the menu. Logging pre-trimming weight is optional.

    • Note: Ample Organics recommends that license holders use the Batch Subset harvest method. This is the most efficient method and reduces the margin of error, as it only requires Grow Technicians to weigh the cannabis once.

Click the

icon and to Change the Harvest Mode. Scan a plant to begin the Harvest Process.

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