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How to Edit a Received Inventory's Packaged On Date
How to Edit a Received Inventory's Packaged On Date
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Inventory received from an outside source may have been packaged long before the license holder purchased the inventory. If a Received Inventory record's Packaged On date is entered in error, follow the steps below to edit the date. Please note that you cannot update the Packaged On date if any units from the inventory have been sold, cased, or destroyed.

Required permission(s): received_inventory_read, received_inventory_update

  1. In the Wholesale application, open the Received Inventory tab.

    [img received-inventory-index-packaged]

  2. Locate the desired received inventory, and click the


    icon in the rightmost cell to open a menu of options.

    [img received-inventory-menu]

  3. Select Edit Packaged On Date. This opens a modal to adjust the packaging date.

  4. Open the calendar in the Packaged On field, and select a new date.

  5. Click Save to update the packaging date.

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