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A Vendor Profile stores and displays pertinent information about a specific vendor. A vendor is any partner company with whom the licence holder has agreed to buy or sell large cannabis orders in wholesale transactions. Usually, a vendor is a customer–a retailer–who purchases cannabis to sell to the public. A vendor can have any number of locations, and each address can be assigned a distinct licence number.


A Vendor Profile splits into three tabs: Overview, Edit, and Notes & Documents. Opening a Vendor Profile brings you to the Overview tab by default.


[img vendor-profile]

The Overview tab displays basic information about the vendor, including a brief description, the vendor's type and category, and tax information. The tab also organizes the vendor's address and licence details, points of contact, and websites in distinct sections. Visit the Edit tab to update this information as necessary.

The Status drop-down menu indicates whether or not the vendor has met internal approval. Vendors must be approved before wholesale transactions can take place. Open the drop-down menu to Change the Vendor's Status.

To archive the vendor, click the

icon and select Archive.


[img vendor-edit]

The Edit tab allows you to update the vendor's details at any time. If the vendor's basic information or financial details change, update the fields in the General Information section. If the vendor's contact information changes, or to add additional contact information, visit the Websites, Addresses and Associated Details, and Contacts sections.


Notes & Documents


The Notes & Documents tab allows you to add notes about the vendor, or upload relevant documents. Adding a note is helpful if a vendor has special needs or conditions that users must accommodate. For example, if a vendor's point-of-contact does not work on Fridays, you should add a note indicating that it's best to contact the vendor between Monday and Thursday. When creating a note, you can check the Trigger pop-up notification box so that the note will appear whenever someone opens the Vendor's Profile.


Visit the Settings tab to Customize Vendor Categories.

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