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How to Print a Scale Label
How to Print a Scale Label
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After adding a new scale, you should immediately label the scale. Labelling a scale serves two purposes: First, the label identifies the scale by its name and unique ID number. Secondly, and most importantly, each label includes a unique barcode that users can scan to interact with the scale through the Gun App. If a scale is connected to the Seed-to-Sale software, you can weigh an item and scan the scale's barcode to read the item's weight rather than entering the value manually.

  1. In the Settings module, open the Devices tab.

  2. Open the Scales tab.

  3. Select a scale. This opens a modal with further information about the scale.

  4. Click Print Barcode Label. This opens a printing modal.

  5. Open the provided drop-down menu, and select a printer.

  6. Click OK to print a label for the scale. Affix the label to the scale immediately.


From the Settings module, you can also Print a User Barcode Label, Reprint a Bottle Label, or Print All Product Barcodes on an 8.5" X 11" page.

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