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Ample Organics Site Structure
Ample Organics Site Structure
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The Ample Organics Seed-to-Sale software breaks down into modules, such as Clients, Products, and Grow. Each module has a similar hierarchy.


All modules are accessible from the sidebar.



When you open a module, you'll land on the module's index or dashboard. Indices/Dashboards provide high-level lists of all entries saved to the module. Clicking on any of these records will display a new page specific to that record. There are three exceptions to this structure, in the Grow, Reports, and Settings modules.



Clicking on a specific entry in an index or dashboard opens the entry's Profile. This page provides an overview of the specific record selected. Most profiles include an Overview tab, along with several other tabs specific to the type of entry.

Below is an example of an Order Profile.


Below is an example of a Client Profile.


Some modules contain multiple profile types. For example, in the Products module, you can access a Product Profile, SKU Profile, or Case SKU Profile.


Some modules and profiles contain additional tabs that sort information by type. For example, the Grow module splits into six tabs: Overview, Propagation, Batches, Harvests, Rooms & Locations, and Settings.



Some tabs are broken down into sub-tabs to organize information within the tab. For example, the Propagation tab in the Grow module splits into four sub-tabs: Mothers, Plant Search, Cutting Reports, and Seed Lots.

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