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How to Test Features in a Preview Environment
How to Test Features in a Preview Environment
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Log in to your preview environment

This guide is for on-premises installations only.

  1. Go to your production instance of Ample Organics, such as:

  2. Add :444 to the end of your production URL, for example, type:
    This URL is for your preview environment. This is where you can access features that have not been released to production in order to test them.

Preview new features

  1. Have your Ample Champion test the new features.

  2. Submit any feedback or issues to

Each cycle will have an acceptance testing period. You will receive notice about the testing period via a release update email from our development team. Features in preview will get pushed to production after a two week testing period. Please notify us should any critical issues arise during the testing period and we will be sure to address them before any new features go live.

Once the testing period has completed, you will receive a reminder email on the day the new features are launched, along with details outlining our next round of feature updates being released to preview.

We value your insight and appreciate your feedback immensely, so please continue to send us suggestions or comments about how we can improve, or new features that we can add that would help you succeed. We will consider all your recommendations when evaluating needs and scheduling future release updates.

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