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How to Update a Plant's Pot Type – Grow Module
How to Update a Plant's Pot Type – Grow Module
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As plants grow, Grow Technicians may transfer the plants to another pot or growing medium. Follow the steps below to change an individual plant's pot type through the Grow module.

Note: This process is also possible through the Gun App.

Required permission(s): plant_read, plant_update

  1. In the Grow module, open the Propagation tab.

  2. Select the Plant Search sub-tab.

  3. Select a plant from the list to open the Overview tab of the Plant's Profile.

    • Note: Quickly locate a specific plant by entering its ID number in the search bar.

  4. Under Current Pot, click Update to open the Update Plant Pot modal.

  5. Select a new pot type and indicate when the plant was re-potted in the fields provided.

  6. Click OK to update the plant's pot type.


Visit the Settings tab to Create a New Plant Pot Type.

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