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How to Label a Vault Location or Picking Bin
How to Label a Vault Location or Picking Bin
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After creating a new vault location or picking bin, a Processing Technician should immediately label the location. Labeling a vault or picking bin serves two distinct purposes: First, the label identifies the location by its unique name and ID number. Secondly, and most importantly, each label includes a unique barcode that Packaging Associates and Fulfillment Associates can scan to interact with the location through the Gun App.

Required permission(s): location_read

  1. In the Productions module, open the Vault Locations and Picking Bins tab.

  2. Select a location, and click Print a Barcode. The barcode label should print immediately. If the location is a room, affix the label to the room’s door so that employees can scan the location’s barcode as they move inventory in and out. If the location is a vault or picking bin, affix the label to the container itself for easy access during the order fulfillment workflow.

From the Productions module, you can also print labels for Bulk Lots and Totes.

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