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How to Create a Tote
How to Create a Tote
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If a Bulk Lot is too large to be contained in a single space, inventory managers may opt to split the Bulk Lot into manageable sub-units called Totes. Creating Totes divides a large Bulk Lot across multiple containers that can be stored in different locations.

Required permission(s): production_read, tote_create

  1. In the Productions module, select a production.

    [img production-profile]

  2. Select a Bulk Lot. This opens the Bulk Lot's Profile.

    [img bulk-lot-overview]

  3. Open the Totes tab.

    [img bulk-lot-totes]

  4. Click New. This opens the Create Tote modal.

  5. Enter information about the new Tote in the fields provided.

    • Tote Name: A unique name for the new Tote.

    • Location: The Tote's location.

    • Weight: The weight of all cannabis in the Tote.

    • Created At (optional): The Tote's date of creation.

  6. Click Save to create the new Tote.


Upon creating a new Tote, you should immediately Label the Tote.

Each Tote receives a unique QR code. Scan a Tote to access information and options on the Gun App.

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