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Shipment Batch Profile
Shipment Batch Profile
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Through a Shipment Batch Profile, you can access detailed information and actions for a specific shipment batch. A shipment batch is a collection of orders that are picked up by the courier(s) and shipped as a unit.


Add Orders to the Shipment Batch by clicking one of the buttons along the top of the Batch Items section. Click Add Canada Post Orders or Add UPS Orders to add all of the day's orders that utilize the specified carrier, or click Add Order to add orders individually. If a mistake occurs, click Remove Order to modify the list.

Once the shipment batch contains all orders, click Request Scan Form to generate and print a scan form for the shipment carrier. After you click Request Scan Form, the Seed-to-Sale software retrieves the manifest directly from the shipping carrier via API. This action cannot be edited or changed, so please ensure all orders are correct and finalized before requesting the scan form.

Shipping carrier options are configured on the back-end by the Ample Organics support team. Contact AmpleSupport to update shipping carriers.

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