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How to Generate a Confirmation Receipt
How to Generate a Confirmation Receipt
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Once a client's payment has been processed, a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–can generate an order confirmation receipt from the Order's Profile. This receipt includes a summary of the order, the date on which the order took place, and a record of the client's payment method.

Required permission(s): order_read, order_update

  1. In the Orders module, select an order that is Placed, Shipped, Delivered, Refused, or Refunded.

  2. Scroll down to the Documents section, and click Generate to open a menu of options.

  3. Select Confirmation Receipt to generate a new confirmation receipt. The new receipt will appear in the list in the Documents section.

  4. Click Download to download the receipt in PDF format.


A CSR can also Generate and Download a Shipping Receipt. If the order is covered by Veteran's Affairs Canada, the CSR can Generate a Policy Receipt.

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