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How to Create a Combo SKU
How to Create a Combo SKU
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Product managers can use the combo SKUs feature to combine multiple SKUs into a single saleable product. For example, a license holder might sell a “sample pack” that groups 2-3 cannabis products into a single SKU to allow a client to try multiple strains in a single purchase.


However, to create a combo SKU, you must create a "shell" product and a "shell" SKU to host the combination. The "shell" SKU pulls inventory and potency information from any SKU added to the combination.

Required permission(s): product_read, product_create, product_update

  1. Create a New Product specifically for combo SKUs. Name the product "Starter Packs", "Multi-Packs", "Sample Packs", or another name that describes the nature of the combo SKU.

    • Note: Set the Product Type to Dried Cannabis.


    • The product should be in sales channels that reflect any cannabis SKUs within each combo SKU. For example, if the new combo SKU will combine a dried cannabis product with a cannabis oil product, the new product should be in both the Dried Cannabis and Cannabis Oil sales channels.

  2. Create a New SKU. Again, this will be a "shell" SKU to host the combination.

    • Give the SKU a name that describes what's included in the combination.

    • Configure the SKU's SKU Setup section as usual. Set the Combo SKU's Net Weight to the sum of each child SKU's Net Weight.

  3. Add Child SKUs to the SKU.

    • Note: Do not add another combo SKU as a child SKU. This creates an error in the Client Portal.

      1. In the SKU's Profile, open the Combo SKUs tab.

      2. In the Add to Combo section, open the drop-down menu provided to see a list of products.

      3. Select a product. The Product SKUs section will update to list all SKUs associated with the product.

      4. Click the

        icon beside a SKU to add the SKU to the combo.

      5. Repeat steps a-d for each Child SKU in the combo.

      6. Click Save to save the combo.

  4. Open the Client Sales Setup tab, and Set Up the SKU for Client Sales. If the combo SKU combines multiple cannabis SKUs, ensure the Prescription Deduction field accounts for each gram of cannabis in the combo SKU.


Once the SKU's client sales information is configured, the combo SKU will be available for purchase through the Client Portal or Orders module.

Note: In a combo SKU, the units available for purchase depend on the inventory available for each Child SKU. For example, if a combo SKU groups three SKUs, one with 790 units available, the second with 1000 units available, and the third has 761 units available, the combo SKU will have 761 units available. This is because, based on the inventory available for each Child SKU, the seed-to-sale software can create this combination a maximum of 761 times.


From a SKU Profile, you can also Create a Case SKU or Set Up a SKU for Client Sales.

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