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Renewals and Amendments Overview
Renewals and Amendments Overview
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What is a Renewal?

Renewals allow clients to submit prescription updates to the licence holder. In order to process a renewal, a CSR must have two items:

  1. The client's new prescription.

  2. The client's updated personal information.

Note: A client may submit their prescription to the licence holder, or a physician may submit the prescription directly.

What is an Amendment?

Amendments modify a client's personal information, such as their mailing address. An amendment keeps the current prescription associated with the client's registration.

Request / Create Actions

There are two types of actions to take when performing prescription renewals and amendments:

  • Request

  • Create


The request function allows the client to update their personal information via the Client Portal. Initiating a request will trigger an email to be sent the client. This email contains a link which allows the client to update their personal information via an online form within the Client Portal.


The create function is used primarily when the client wishes to submit documentation outside of the Client Portal. This function would be used in situations where the client may not wish to use electronic document submission, instead preferring to submit documentation via paper forms.

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