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AmpleCare is a secure platform that allows clinics to connect directly with licence holders to register patients and send prescriptions electronically. Licence holders that work with AmpleCare clinics will have an AmpleCare tab in the Clients module.


Features and Benefits

  • Reduces human error and operating costs

  • Eliminates days of administrative work

  • Shortens patient wait times

  • Ensures accuracy by providing more control over information input while the platform’s internal checks prevent the submission of incomplete applications (e.g. missing signatures)

  • Operates on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Compliant with all major Canadian and international security laws and regulations, including PIPEDA, CISPA, FERPA, GLBA, HIPAA, and HITECH

AmpleCare Application Process

After a patient receives their cannabis prescription from a qualified medical professional, the patient can register with their chosen licence holders through AmpleCare.

AmpleCare will generate two documents for the application: the patient’s medical document and their registration application. AmpleCare can create legally-binding eSignatures for both patients and medical professionals or automatically add eSignatures that are in a clinic’s database. Once complete, the application is sent to the chosen licence holder in a secure one-way data transfer.

A licence holder can, in turn, approve applications and quickly onboard patients with AmpleCare, as AmpleCare populates all necessary fields into their chosen Ample Organics environment. AmpleCare also enables a licence holder to automatically verify a prescription without having to call a clinic as long as the licence holder already has the prescribing medical professional’s eSignature on file.

Each licence holder is responsible for reviewing all applications and verifying that the prescribing medical professional remains in good standing with their respective licensing board. Once a licence holder feels satisfied with an application, they can grant patients access to their eCommerce portal.

Once a patient has received approval from their licence holder a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–can take a patient through the products available and make informed suggestions on which cannabis strains which may best address their ailments and concerns. This kind of guidance is invaluable to patients who have little knowledge of medical cannabis, helping them feel more confident when placing that essential first order, and giving them immediate access to their medication.

If an licence holder receives a patient application through AmpleCare, a CSR must Review and Accept the Pending Submisson.

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