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Release Guide: 20180606
Release Guide: 20180606
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1. Pending Amendment Status

Now when you Request Amendments from a Client page, the status Pending Amendment will immediately appear in the Registrations tab. Previously, the page had to be refreshed for the status to update.

2. Establishment Requirements

Now when a user is filling out a Registration or Amendment form in the Client Portal, if they check the box under Primary Residence that says "This is a non-private residence", then the user is required to input the Establishment Type and Establishment Name fields. Previously, these fields were not required to be saved.

3. Client Registration Numbers for Health Canada ACMPR Report

Now, clients held in the statuses Pending Amendment or Amendment Verification are counted as Registered Clients in the system and this is reflected in the reports. Previously, these statuses were not included in Registered Clients counts.

4. Client Totals in Client Module

The Total Client Count is more accurate. The report reflects the total number of active clients in the system. Previously, this count may have included multiple registrations per client and archived clients.

5. Request Amendment - Email now an option to change

Now, if requesting a registration amendment in the web app, there is an option to select Email as a requested change. Previously, this was not an available option.

6. New Client Registration Statuses

Now, when a client requests an amendment or renewal, this is reflected in the web app with two new statuses: "Renewal Verification" or "Amendment Verification." See at a glance which clients need to be verified.

7. New Patient report

Now, only brand-new clients are included in this report. Previously, clients with approved renewals were being included when they shouldn't have been.

8. Info carried over on amendment form

Now, when completing an amendment or renewal, any information not being changed is carried over to the new form. Previously, all information had to be entered again.

9. Clients are prompted to include supplemental documentation if necessary

On a Registration Amendment or Renewal form, if a client indicates:

a) their primary address is a non-private residence or
b) their shipping address is their physician's address

There is now text on the screen prompting them to provide additional documentation. Previously, there was no such prompt.

10. PDF generated for client registration renewals/amendments

When a client submits an amendment or renewal through the Client Portal, a PDF document is automatically generated and saved under the Documents section on the Client's Registration page.

11. Digital Signature removed from web app

The digital signature no longer appears on a Client's Registration page in the web app, although the client is still required to fill this out.



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