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Known Issues: OG Kush (4.0.0)
Known Issues: OG Kush (4.0.0)
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This page lists issues and bugs that Ample Organics has identified but has yet to fix as of the OG Kush Release. Many of these issues will be resolved in subsequent releases.


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There is no validation to prevent a user from adding a duplicate client. This is especially problematic for LPs who use external registration forms; clients may accidentally submit a registration form multiple times, resulting in multiple, distinct Client Profiles in the Clients module.


When creating a new registration object via the "Renew" feature, a user can accidentally create multiple empty registration objects while attempting to save a registration renewal without the required parameters. The back-end validation does not prevent empty registrations from being created.


The default patient lead generation form on the Client Portal can be confusing to new registrants due to the title reading “New Client Registration” which implies that this is their registration application.


LP users cannot archive policy types independently; this is done by Ample Organics support developers. However, archived policy types still appear in the drop-down menu when adding a client policy.


New client registration through the portal requires a password, even though the client is unable to sign into anything after entering registration information. Furthermore, once a client's registration is Approved, they must set up a new password anyway.


When a patient registers with a Registration Certificate, they can choose to obtain marihuana plants or seeds, OR an interim supply of fresh or dried marihuana or cannabis oil. If they are to obtain only an interim supply, and not plants or seeds, the shipping address for plants and and seeds is not relevant. However, the registration document still displays shipping address fields when this option is selected, which causes patient confusion in the Client Portal.


LP CSRs are unable to clear the address in the Production Site section in Production for Own Purposes sub-tab in a client's registration. This causes the plant shipping address to show up a patient's registration, even if that patient no longer orders plants. The Storage Site section has a Clear button, but the Production Site section does not.


When the user enters an invalid credit card number in the Credit Cards tab in a Client's Profile, the error message is difficult to understand and does not adequately describe the problem.


Input masks in phone number fields is not consistent across Ample Organics. Some phone number fields have input masks to indicate the proper formatting the field requires, while other fields are blank, with no input mask.


Search queries for clients or physicians with spaces in their first names (Ex: First Name: "Mary Jane" Last Name: "Thomson") will read the space as a break between a first and last name, rather than a two word first name. Because of this, If a user searches for one of these clients by their full name (Mary Jane Thomson), the client will not show up in the search result.

Note: Until this issue is resolved, search for clients with two-word first names by the first word only. For example, if searching for Mary Jane Thomson, search instead for Mary Thomson.


When an LP CSR requests a registration renewal, the renewal request email is not sent to the client. This is because the email mailer depends on the presence of a valid prescription, which an expired client may not have.


A patient should be able to access a document on the client portal that would serve to legally prove they have a medical prescription for cannabis.


On the Overview tab in the Client Profile, clients who have an expired prescription still show "Can place orders". This is a cosmetic issue but can leads to confusion for customer support reps.


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Ample Organics does not currently have a distinct product type for pre-rolls, so an LP must configure pre-roll products with a fresh or dried product type, both of which display THC and CBD potencies by percentage in the Client Portal. Pre-rolls are considered discreet units, and as per Section 124 (d), (e), (f), and (g) of the Cannabis Regulations, the THC and CBD unit of measurement for discreet units of dried or fresh cannabis must be displayed in milligrams.


When setting up regional pricing in the Client Sales Setup tab of a SKU Profile, if a user enters "0.00" in any province's Retail Price field and tries to save the page, it elicits an error response. This is expected behaviour, but the error message causes the Retail Price text fields to change size.


Patients can order products in Combo SKUs, even if the product has no available inventory.


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LP users cannot archive discount types independently; this is done by Ample Organics support developers. However, archived discount types still appear in the drop-down menu when creating a new discount.


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Tax calculations on medical orders are sometimes inaccurate due to inconsistent rounding precision.


A policy receipt does not currently show the prescription deduction for oil products, including capsules, on the invoice.


Archived SKUs still appear as options in the Add Product to Cart modal when creating an order.


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Error messages that result from invalid entries in the Quantity section of the Mass Packaging Run tab are not formatted consistently.


The Create New Bulk Lot modal works as expected, but there is currently no validation for the following fields: Initial Weight, Initial Volume, Name, Migrated ID. This means these fields have no character limits or numeric formatting requirements.


Archived list items in the Productions module–Terpenes, Food Allergens, and Cannabis Forms–still appear in drop-down menus.

Work Orders

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In the Work Orders index, some columns are left-aligned while others are right-aligned. This causes inconsistent spacing between columns in the table.


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When bottles are marked as "returned", Ample Organics updates the bottles to be Available and Unpicked, which disassociates the packing_order and order from each bottle. This prevents Ample Organics from accurately calculating values on the CTLS report for columns FK–"Finished—Cannabis Oil–Additions–Returned"– and EQ–"Finished—Dried Cannabis–Additions–Returned" at this time.


Patient Tracker Report columns are displayed incorrectly. The data generates correctly, but often populates in the wrong columns.


The performance of SQL queries on the RegistrationStatusType table could be optimized by adding an index on RegistrationStatusType.registration_id.


When a user generates a report through the reports module, there is no confirmation that the system is downloading the report. This is problematic for reports that take several minutes to generate/download, as the user will not know if the action has been successful or not.


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When a user performs the "Archive and Close" feature for a complaint, the user ID number is not logged and associated with the action. Furthermore, the "Reason for Archive" text does not appear anywhere in the archived complaint. This causes problems for complaint traceability.


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Index headers are formatted/ordered inconsistently between the Seed-to-Sale and Wholesale platforms. This includes the filtering options available, search bar formatting, and location/presence of pagination buttons.


When creating/editing a shipment in the Wholesale application, sorting columns on the Pick Case modal causes the columns to resize.

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