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Known Issues: Skunk Haze (5.0.0)
Known Issues: Skunk Haze (5.0.0)
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This page lists issues and bugs that Ample Organics has identified but has yet to fix as of the Skunk Haze release in January 2020. Many of these issues will be resolved in subsequent releases.


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The Gun App has not yet been updated to accommodate discrete units or the new product classes introduced by the 2019 Cannabis Act update. At present, a user can only use the gun to package Dried (non-discrete) and Extracts-Ingested (non-discrete) product types. To package into SKUs of other product types, a user should use the Mass Packaging Run feature.


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When a case is restocked and a contributing packaging run is deleted, the record of the case disappears from the Casing Record. The Casing Record should display a record of all cases that were associated with a casing run, including cases that were restocked for any reason.


If a user creates a new SKU on a product's Overview tab, and then navigates to another tab in the Product Profile, when the user returns to the Overview tab the SKU entry disappears. This is a caching issue; the SKU should reappear upon a hard refresh.


A user can print case labels for a Casing Run with 0 cases.


A user is always able to access the Restock Cases workflow, even if the Casing Run has 0 cases.


In the Client Sales Setup tab of an Extracts-Ingested (Discrete) SKU, the default potencies call out should read "Portal will display default potencies when back orders are enabled and no inventory exists, or if specified above.” Instead, it reads “Portal will display default potencies when back orders are enabled and no inventory exists."


In the Potency Setting section on the Client Sales Setup tab for an Extracts-Ingested (Non-discrete) SKU, the field title that reads "Display Default Potencies" should read "Manually set potencies", which clarifies the purpose of the setting.


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In the Packaging Run Waste sub-tab in the Destruction tab in a Bulk Lot Profile, the empty state message does not appear in the table when there are no entries. When the table is in an empty state, a "No Packaging Run Created" message should appear.


When hovering over a lab report entry in the Lab Reports tab, the entire row should be highlighted. Currently, the highlight ends after the Updated column.


The Productions table should be sortable by all columns. As it is, the table cannot be sorted by any columns.


In the Cannabinoids sub-tab of a lab report for an Extracts-Ingested (Discrete) Bulk Lot, column headers are not displaying correctly. The Reporting Threshold per Discrete Unit column should be renamed to Reporting Threshold per Unit. The Potency Result per Discrete Unit column should be renamed to Potency Result per Unit.


Several columns specified in designs are missing from the Productions table. Missing columns are: Released Units (units), Unreleased Units (units), Packaged Weight (g), Packaged Volume (ml), Packaged Units (units), and Created On. Additionally, columns that do exist should be renamed for clarity.


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The Total Price tally on the Orders index does not include discounts or policy deductions.

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