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Known Issues: 5.3.0
Known Issues: 5.3.0
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This page lists issues and bugs that Ample Organics has identified but has yet to fix as of the version 5.3.0 release in July 2020. Many of these issues will be resolved in subsequent releases.

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Value ($) totals in plant and seed columns on the Sales tab of the CTLS report do not consider and deduct order-level discounts and policies to reflect gross sale totals.


Totals in the Vegetative Cannabis Plants columns on the Sales tab of the CTLS report consider Flowering plants sold through medical orders. Flowering plants should be exempt.


Users with View Only access can print bottle labels.


Policies coverage is not calculated correctly for orders that include seeds.


A warning modal should appear if a user updates fields in the Wholesale application and attempts to exit without saving.


Breadcrumb links in the Products module are malfunctioning.

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