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The Ample Organics Product Roadmap aims to enhance transparency on the direction of the Seed-to-Sale software's development over the coming months.

This is not an exhaustive timeline of upcoming features and updates. Based on feedback from licence holders, Ample Organics has compiled a backlog of new feature requests. The Product Roadmap will be updated as features are scheduled for exploration and design.

Please note that this is not a formal schedule; the Product Roadmap is subject to change, and priorities will be adjusted as Ample Organics identifies new opportunities for improvement.

In the Works

Features listed here are in the exploration or design phase, and you can expect to see them in a future software update.




Ample Organics will update the functionality of the Productions module to accommodate flexible lab testing workflows and expand bulk inventory options. Updates include the ability to:

  • Bypass the lab sample requirement

  • Create lab samples and retained samples from packaged bottles

  • Copy lab report potency results to another lot

  • Generate a list of Packaging Runs with a search

  • Use Productions to track accessory inventory

On the Radar

Features listed here have been identified as upcoming priorities. However, these features are not yet in the exploration or design phase.



Packaged Inventory

Ample Organics will expand packaged inventory management functionality. This includes:

  • The increased ability to interact with Bulk Lots through the Gun App

  • The ability to split a Packaging Run or Received Inventory

  • Provincial allocation of packaged goods

  • Location control of packaged goods

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