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Release Notes: 6.1.0
Release Notes: 6.1.0
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This page contains the technical release notes for version 6.1.0, which is slated for release in August 2021.

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Global Search

Key: HM-675

A new search feature has been introduced: Global Search. There will now be a search bar at the top of each page, which can be used to search for any data or page name. For example, you can search for a product name or a module name. This feature was introduced to make navigation and data retrieval faster and easier.


Accessory inventory is now treated differently from cannabis inventory. These changes were made to make it easier to work with accessory items.

Note: To take advantage of these improvements, you must restart your Guns.


Release Notes


Accessory items are now distinguished from other inventory items. Their quantity can be adjusted freely and they are tracked in the same way as cannabis products.


Adjusted the Inventory Balance report to accommodate Accessory inventory items.


Added a new permission received_inventory_adjust_quantity. Users with this permission can select "Adjust Available Quantity" for accessory items from the drop-down menu in the Inventory list.


When returning an accessory item, the modal wording has been updated to "return order" instead of "return bottle".


Improved the wording in the Return to Sender and Return to Inventory modals for consistency.



Release Notes


Bug Fix: When a user generates an order receipt, they will no longer encounter an error if shipping is purchased outside of Ample Organics.


Added keyboard trapping to the Select Action modal so that a user who requires keyboard accessibility can tab through and select options using only the keyboard. This ensures the software adheres to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 section 2.1.1.


Bug Fix: Elements in the Seed-to-Sale software that were previously not selectable with the Tab key are now selectable.


Added the ability to close a modal with the Escape key.


When a modal is opened, keyboard navigation is now locked into that modal.


Added the ability to access listed items via the keyboard.


Added screen reader-friendly labels to modals in the Wholesale module so that modal names and key items can be read aloud.

Ample Care


Release Notes


Added the ability to unsubmit a prescription when reviewing a submission. Users can click the new Unsubmit button next to the Reject button to do this.


Notes that are created for patients in Ample Care are now also displayed in the Clients Overview and Prescriptions modals.

Endpoint: v1/notes

Other Updates


Release Notes


When shipping with a vendor that requires an adult signature, the quote will automatically include any surcharges imposed by the shipper for the adult signature.


Added a limit of ten login attempts for physicians. After ten failed login attempts, they must put in a request to unlock their account.

Endpoint: v1/login


Adjusted the "Lot" column in the Received Inventory report so that values are now enclosed in square brackets. This prevents the values from being displayed in scientific notation in spreadsheet programs after exceeding a certain number of digits.


Bug Fix: Parent rooms (locations) can no longer be moved into their children. This change was made to prevent errors.


If an item is purchased and a policy is applied, the tax in Quebec used to display as PST. This has now been corrected to display as QST. The tax numbers of custom taxes are now also made visible on receipts.


When a client places an order, the policy receipt is now generated after shipment instead of immediately after the order is placed.


Improved the clarity of the message that appears if an error occurs when clicking the Validate Address button in the client registration tab.


When inventory is returned, its SKU is now also removed from the SKU inventory tab.


Updated the breadcrumbs when viewing products so that the product SKU name is displayed in addition to the SKU number.


Changed the product listing limit per page to 25.


Changed the phone extension limit from 4 to 6 digits on the New Client module and Registration Edit page.


When attempting to add a discount to an order in the Orders module, the dropdown menu displaying the discounts was previously limited to the first 25. This limit has been removed so that all applicable discounts will be shown in the dropdown.


When selecting a reason for restoring plants, archived reasons will no longer appear in the list of selectable options.


Added the ability to restore a bulk lot, regardless of whether it is empty or archived. (Previously, if it was empty and archived, it could not be restored.)


Added the ability to select a date range when generating a work order report.


Improved performance when handling the bulk restoration of plants. This improvement prevents timeout errors from occurring if a large number of plants are selected.


Added clarification to the Retail Samples modal, found in Production > Bulk Lots > Destruction.


When the status of a Pineapple Express shipment tracker is updated to "delivered", the order status is now updated to reflect that.

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