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Release Notes 6.4.0
Release Notes 6.4.0
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This page contains the technical release notes for version 6.4.0. For a summary of changes introduced by this release.

Follow the links below to jump to notes on specific features.


Minor Features / Updates

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Limit Shipment Batches to one carrier


Within Shipment Batches, each batch is now limited to one shipping carrier.


Adding "Created By" column to the Weight Events by Month


Within the Weight Events by Month report, a new column is added to display the user that created the weight event.


Updates made to the Registration Renewal/Amendment forms

Client Portal

Within the Registration renewal and amendment forms, the copy displayed under the consents section has been updated to represent Ample Organic’s terms and conditions more accurately.

Security, Performance / Error Handling Improvements

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Output encoding CSVs for vulnerabilities

Through CSV injection, malicious commands could be executed on a victim’s computer, gain unauthorized access or exfiltrate data that the victim has access to.

This security update encodes all CSVs for vulnerabilities on report generation for the following fields

  • Client first name (scrubs for =, +, @ symbols)

  • Client last name (scrubs for =, +, @ symbols)

  • Client username (scrubs for =, +, @ symbols)

  • Client email (scrubs for = symbol)

= symbol is replaced with [EQUAL]

+ symbol is replaced with [PLUS]

@ symbol is replaced with [AT]


Validations for user inputted fields

The following user-inputted fields now have a backend validation which contains a deny list [<, >, =, \]

  • Registration first name

  • Registration last name

  • Registration street 1

  • Registration street 2

  • Registration city

  • Product name


Frameable response added to combat clickjacking

Implemented “Content-Security-Policy” (CSP) header to be used with the ‘frame-ancestors’ directive to restrict framing.

This security update added the CSP header to every response header to prevent possible clickjacking.


Restricting file types for image and document uploading

Within Ample Organics, there are no restrictions to the filetypes that the user can upload.

For image uploads, the following extensions are accepted (JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF).

For file/document uploads, the following extensions are accepted (DOC, DOCX, ODT, ODS, PDF, XLS, XLSX, TXT, CSV).

Bug Fixes

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Fix sorting and pagination logic for Sales Channels


When an environment contains more than 25 Sales Channels, the sorting functionality is not working as expected on the different pages.

This bug fix resolves the issue for the sorting applied on different pages of Sales Channels.


Disable the ability to return orders multiple times


When an order has been placed and shipped, the CSR can use the “Return Order” functionality for anything that is returned.

This bug fix prevents the ability for a CSR to return the order multiple times.


Fix rounding issue when performing Mass Packaging Runs with “Set Quantity Total” option


When a user is performing a Mass Packaging Run, the EA Unit Net Weight and Total Weight Packaged should be calculated the same regardless of if they use the “Set quantity per EA Unit” or the “Set quantity Totals” option.

This bug fix increases the number of decimals used during calculations for a more accurate total weight reduction.


Disable the ability to re-set picking when no bottles are picked


When an order has been placed and a bottle has been picked, the CSR can use the “Reset Picking” functionality to unpick the bottle.

This bug fix removes the “Reset Picking” functionality if the order does not contain any picked bottles.


Fix Total Grams Orders when Prescription Deduction is updated


Within the Ample Organic’s dashboard, the Total Grams Ordered displays the total amount of grams (prescription deduction from each product) per day. If the prescription deduction is updated, the dashboard is reflected by using the updated Prescription Deduction values.

This bug fix ensures the dashboard is using the original Prescription Deduction of the product at the time of purchase.

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