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Ample Organics Design Customization / Third-Party Integration FAQ
Ample Organics Design Customization / Third-Party Integration FAQ
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Client Portal (E-commerce Site)

How do we add our company logo and company information?
Our team will add your logo and include your company information in the Client Portal footer.

Can we change the look and feel?
We can customize styles via CSS. Currently, we do not support customizations to layout or content, or the HTML or JS. For a more custom experience, you may opt to build your own Client Portal leveraging our API.

What is the procedure for design customizations?
You may provide a style guide and let our designers apply your conventions. Alternatively, we can insert your custom CSS, or base styles on mockups that you provide (Sketch, Illustrator, or Photoshop). Our team will send you sample screenshots of the customizations for you to approve.

How long does the customization process take?
The customization work begins once all deliverables have been received. We require a minimum of 30 days from receipt of deliverables to code deployment to your preview environment.

Are we able to dynamically include headers and footers from our main website?
This is currently not supported. We encourage you not to replicate your corporate website styles as to avoid confusing the user but instead work with us to style the Client Portal to be brand-consistent.

Can we use Single Sign On functionality to extend user sessions to our company website / other products?
SSO is not currently supported.


What are the email templates?
Many emails are triggered by the seed-to-sale software, some automatically and some manually. Your Account Manager will and can provide an email template package that details our various email templates, their purposes, and their triggers.

What do the emails look like?
Your emails will be visually basic with standard-sized black text on a white background – your Account Manager will and can provide a sample. We can include your logo at the top before the text begins. We can include contact information (text/links) and/or a disclaimer at the bottom after the text ends.

Can I have styled email templates?
Styled email templates are a chargeable enhancement. Fees are dependent on the scope of your designs. Speak to your Account Manager to learn more about your options.

Do we write our email copy?
You may opt to use our default email copy (modified to include your unique company information), or you can deliver modified versions of the email templates provided by your Account Manager for our team to implement. Please note that once an email copy has been delivered, changes must be handled as support requests. Please make sure your copy is final, and don't hesitate to ask us questions! We encourage you to keep marketing messages out of your transactional emails to comply with anti-spam laws.

After the initial delivery of the email copy, how do we change it?
Changes to existing email copies are handled as support requests.

How long do email changes take before going live?
We require 30 days of lead time to make and deploy code changes to your preview (testing) environment, starting from the receipt of your request and any required deliverables. We cannot guarantee a turnaround with less than 30 days lead time, but we will try our best to make it happen!

Can we integrate the client database in the seed-to-sale software with our email service (ex. Mailchimp)?
Currently, we do not support any automatic synchronization between our database of patients and third-party email services. As a workaround, you can export your client database from the seed-to-sale software and upload that to your preferred email service.

Other Integration

Can we integrate our online patient registration form with Ample Organics to automatically create users in Ample Organics?
Yes, you can use our API to build a form for these purposes.

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