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Requesting Production Data Correction
Requesting Production Data Correction
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Effective January 1st, 2020, Ample Organics will implement a new standard operation procedure for processing data correction requests in a production environment. Requests for correction of data in a production environment must come through the appropriate channel and must be submitted by an authorized user.

Authorizing Data Correction Users

Authorized Users

Ample Organics requires that our license holders provide a list of users they authorize to make data correction requests.

Requesting Additional Authorized Users

A list of authorized users must be provided to a license holder’s account manager at Ample Organics. When requesting additional users, the following information is required:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address (email address associated with the user’s Seed-to-Sale account)

  • Each user's Seed-to-Sale username

Enabling Authorized Users

The account manager will provide the list of authorized users to the AmpleSupport team who will tag each of the supplied users within our ticketing system. Tagging the authorized users ensures the data correction form is visible on the Ample Organics Knowledge Base, and that any users without this tag are unable to submit data correction requests.

Submitting Data Correction Requests

Approved Submission Methods

Authorized users must submit requests for data correction via the Ample Organics Support Portal/Knowledge Base at Only authorized users have access to a secondary ticket form specifically for data correction requests.

Declined Submission Methods

Data correction requests submitted through any of the following support channels will be automatically declined:

  • Via phone at 1-(866)-691-8407

  • Via direct email to Ample Organics employees

A user who submits a data correction request will be asked to re-submit through one of the approved submission methods.

Data Correction Submission Form

To process a data correction request, Ample Organics has provided a dedicated data correction submission form. All fields within the form are required and a request cannot be submitted without this information.

The following items are captured within the form:

  • Subject Line

  • Description

  • What type of data needs to be corrected?

  • What type of values need to be corrected?

  • Data correction details (eg. Batch IDs, Plant IDs, etc.)

  • Why does this data need to be corrected?

The submission of this form generates a Data Correction ticket where all further communication regarding the request will take place.

Applying Data Correction

Ample Support Tooling

Upon receiving a data correction request, an Ample Organics Customer Support Representative–or CSR–assesses the ticket and gathers any further clarification or required information. Once assessed, data correction requests are assigned to leads or managers of the AmpleSupport team. Leads and managers are the only AmpleSupport team members with authorization to process data correction requests using AmpleSupport Administration Tooling.

Administration tooling tracks the complete audit history of the tasks completed by an authorized team member in a production instance including the following:

  • Audit ID

  • Which values were corrected

  • Who performed the correction

  • The time the correction occurred

Post-Correction Validation

Once an authorized team member has completed the data correction task, an Ample Organics CSR will communicate with the authorized user who submitted the ticket and include details on the values and data that were modified.

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